Trumpet blowing and reminising

07 Oct

In case you were lucky enough to have missed it here is the link to Tuesday 22 Dec Bloomberg Daybreak Middle East.   I was on for the start of the second hour.  If you click on the time bar at 55:45  you’ll get my 9 minute segment.
They still have me as being at Pearl Bridge but that was an error.

Separately here is a link to a piece by Matthew Brooker a journalist leaving Hong Kong after 28 years. Looking back at the City, the people and the fabric and how it has now changed.

A Farewell to the Hong Kong I Loved (

I think many will identify with the fondness that the writer has for City and also the feeling of being a part of Hong Kong that many expats have, I know I do and my son does too.

I hope you enjoy the read.

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