July 24 HK WRAP HSI -558pts T/O +19% ahead of the weekend

27 Jul

July 24 HK WRAP  HSI -558pts T/O +19% ahead of the weekend

HSI -558pts (-2,2%) 24,705  HSCEI -244pts (-2.4%) 10,081  T/O HK$166.65bn (+18.6% DoD)  

EUROPE Market opened much lower as US/China relations get worse.
US Futures Opened flat but fell as the day in Asia progressed. Currently -100pts with S&P and NDX lower too

CSI 300 Closed -207pts (-4.4%) @ 4,506
Opened lower a tick higher initially but basically trended lower all morning. Further selling after lunch on news China ordered the US to close its Consulate in Chengdu. Day low was 4,479 around 2.10pm. Market then saw a small rally but without conviction and then sold down into the close, just off the day lows. Most sectors weak but Military names rallied and the yuan weakened.

HSI Pre Market -222pts @ 25,040 vs -166pts ADRs @ 25,097 E-commnerce names were weak, Sinopec & Petrochina +VE of pipeline disposal. Sino Biopharm weak on placement news. Broadbased selling as investors de-risked, on news that China would not recognised BNO passports raising tensions with the UK and the rising number of local covid cases. I think Team China was trying to 25,000 level as it tried to break above there many times in the first 50 minutes but eventually the sellers dominated and the market trended lower into lunch. PM saw a further 130pt drop and then the market traded sideways in parallel with China until 3pm. Then drifted lower before working slightly higher in the last 30 minutes to close 100pts off the day lows.

LIFESTYLE CHI (2136.HK) Profit Warnings -VE
For the six months ended 30 June 2020, it expects profit to fall 50% YoY. Mainly due to the pervasive business disruptions to department store and retail businesses caused by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) since early 2020, which resulted in a decline in sales revenue and hence profit of the Group’s department store operations; and a drop in share of profit from the Beiren Group, associate of the Group based in Hebei Province, the People’s Republic of China.
GALAXY ENT (27.HK) will not shower senior managers and workers ranked below with summer special discretionary bonus this year, as Deputy Chairman Francis Lui told Macao Daily. The next salary review will be done in April 2021, subject to the results performance by then.
Centa-City Leading Index (CCL) last printed at 181.77, +0.53% WoW to a 36-week peak.
CCL (small-and-medium units) +0.64% WoW to 182.49;
CCL Mass +0.73% WoW to 184.98;
CCL (large units) -0.04% WoW to 178.05.
Centaline Property, mentioned the outstanding performance of New Territories. CCL Mass for New Territories East climbed 1.59% weekly to 194.78; and that for New Territories West surged 1.61% weekly to 167.24.

Market and Pre Market News at bottom of page.

Short Selling HSI Friday 18.4%vs 20.2% Thursday
Top Shorts 
Hang Seng Bank (11) 55%, MTRC (66) 45%, Ping An (2318) 34%, CCB (939) 34%, China Res land (1109) 31%, BoC HK (2388) 31%, Galaxy (27) 28%, HSBC (5) 27%, Sands China (1928) 27%, HK & China Gas (3) 26%, Country Garden (2007) 25%.

Northbound Rmb 71,679m Sell 40,489m : 31,109m Buy
Southbound HK$ 20,557m Sell 12,317m : 8,240m Buy

Northbound Rmb 91,794m Sell 49,426m : 42,368m Buy
Southbound HK$ 15,653m Sell 6,404m : 9,249m Buy

No data
Centre for Health Protection said there were 123 additional
COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong today; 115 were locally transmitted.

Active Heavyweights
TENCENT (700.HK) -5.2%
HKEX (388.HK) -4.1%
CCB (939 HK) -1.7%
PING AN (2318.HK) -1.6%
AIA (1299.HK) -1.3%

HSI & HSCEI Constituents on the move
BYD COMPANY (1211.HK) -8.9%
SINO BIOPHARM (1177.HK) -8.6%
CITIC SEC (6030.HK) -6.8%
WHARF REIC (1997.HK) -5.7%
CSPC PHARMA (1093.HK) -4.8%
CHINA LIFE (2628.HK) -4.3%
SANDS CHINA LTD (1928.HK) -4.1%
AAC TECH (2018.HK) -4%
MENGNIU DAIRY (2319.HK) -3.6%
FOSUN INTL (656.HK) -3.5%
GALAXY ENT (27.HK) -3.4%
SUNAC (1918.HK) -3.3%
CONCH CEMENT (914.HK) -3.2%
ANTA SPORTS (02020.HK) -3.1%
PICC P&C (02328.HK) -3%

HSMI & HSSI Constituents on the move
FRONTAGE (1521.HK) -11.5%
HUABAO INTL (336.HK) -11%
WEIGAO GROUP (1066.HK) -10.3%
KINGSOFT (3888.HK) -10.2%
GREATWALL MOTOR (2333.HK) +7.2%, hits new high

on asset sales. PETROCHINA (857 HK +2%) has agreed to sell its major oil and gas pipelines to PipeChina, the base transaction consideration is ~268.7b yuan. SINOPEC (386 HK unch) also proposes to transfer equity stakes in oil and gas pipeline companies to PipeChina to subscribe for PipeChina’s registered capital of 47.1 bn upon completion of the PipeChina reorganization. Appraised value of assets, as well as deal consideration, amounts to 47.1b yuan.
*PHARM/MEDICAL WEAK SINOPHARM's (1099 HK -3%) founder and CEO Tse Ping is selling as many as 400m shs worth US$560m in a share placement, with a discount between 1 to 3.5% from yesterday's close.
SINO BIOPHARM (1177 HK -9%) CANSINO (6185 HK -6%) INNOVENT BIO (1801 HK -7.5%) ASCENTAGE (6855 HK -8.6%) 3SBIO (1530 HK -9.6%).
*E-COMMERCE & TECH WEAK despite the launch on Monday of the Hang Seng Tech Index which will tracking the 30 largest technology companies listed in the city. That reflects the element of derisking ahead of the weekend.
MEITUAN DIANPING (3690 HK -4.6%) has rolled out a group purchase food delivery service, introducing group purchases at lower prices.
COMPONENT makers weak on concern that escalating China/US tension may disrupt orders and shipments; AAC (2018 HK -4.5%) BYDE (285 HK -9.2%) ZTE (763 HK -5.5%) HUA HONG (1347 HK -8.7%) XIAOMI (1810 HK -5.3%).
The concern seems to be that China has limited options to retaliate in strength. It’s strongest plays would Hirt its own economy
*AUTO MAKERS MAINLY WEAK but saw intraday strength after President Xi called for the boosting China's auto brands, given the competitiveness of the international car manufacturing industry.
GREAT WALL MOTOR (2333 HK +8%) rose on recovery optimism after it announced interim net profit -24% YoY to 1.15b yuan. The total operating revenue was 35.93b yuan, -13.2% YoY.
GEELY (175 HK -0.2%) BYD (1211 HK -7%) BRILLIANCE CHINA (1114 HK -2.5%).
*CHINA PROPERTY SLUMPED on new housing measures as Nanjing, Jiangsu's provincial capital, ‘asked' developers to offer at least 30% of flats in each batch of commercial residential projects to families without a house, in a move to curb people divorcing in order to qualify to buy a second home. EVERGRANDE (3333 HK -6%) CH JINMAO (817 HK -4.7%) CH VANKE (2202 HK -2.9%) TIMES CHINA (1233 HK -4%).
*TELCOS MIXED CH MOBILE (941 HK +0.8%) on speculation data usage may see a strong increase given lockdowns due to virus outbreak; CH TEL (728 HK +1.7%). China's three main telecommunications operators have built more than 400,000 5G base stations by the end of June 2020, the MIIT said. The ministry previously said it expected to build over 600k stations by end of 2020. CH TOWER (788 HK -1.4%) UNICOM (762 HK -1.5%).
*MACAU WEAK as virus outbreak in HK continues, delaying re-opening of the Greater Bay Area. SANDS CHINA (1928 HK -4.2%) recorded a net loss of US$549m in Q2, compared to net income of US$511m in the same period last year. MELCO (200 HK -4.7%) SJM (880 HK -4.5%) WYNN(1128 HK -3.8%).

Market Closed re-opens Monday
S KOREA Market opened lower but initially traded higher and slightly into the green but then news of China demanding the US close its Chengdu Consulate has markets spooked.Kosdaq -0.9%, Kospi -0.7%
TAIWAN opened higher and traded sideways until the news about China demanding the US Chengdu consulate closure which prompted selling. Although it has seen a slight bounce but sold off at the end to close -0.9%


Indian and Chinese diplomats are set for talks today (24th) in attempt to resolve clashes along the Himalayan border, where roughly 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives. Maintaining peace on the border is the basis of bilateral relations, said India's foreign ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava. New Delhi expected to sincerely work with Beijing, de-escalate the standoff as soon as possible, and fully restore peace and tranquillity in the border, added Srivastava.
China will revise the upper limit on private lending interest rates under judicial protection, reported Chinese media. Beijing intends to axe the interest rate ceiling on private loans from 24% to 15.4%, Caixin citing sources. The ceiling should be four times the one-year loan prime rate according to Supreme People's Court. As the one-year LPR currently stands at 3.85%, the legitimate private lending rate cap may come in at 15.4%.
MEITUAN-W (3690.HK) intends to take over Didi, which yet turned down the idea and said it preferred to develop independently, new.qq.com cited a source within the circle of Didi's management. The report said MEITUAN-W, Didi and two investors had interacted for a merger.
JD-SW (9618.HK) plans to spin off JD Health for Hong Kong IPO to raise at least US$1 billion, which may be completed as soon as end-2020 or early-2021, IFR reported.
Burberry announced that it is teaming up with TENCENT (700.HK) to create a brand new concept, "social retail”. A new store will on 31 July 2020 be opened at MixC Shenzhen Bay. Leveraging the technical support offered by TENCENT, Burberry hopes to create a motivating and inspirational space for consumers. Through the novel experience from the shop and social media, customers may fully interact with the brand and products.
XINGHUA PORT (1990.HK) Trading has been halted at 1:00 p.m today (24 July). The stock ended the midday at $2.1, up 5%, on volume of 2.77 million shares.
The tender for the residential site at Ma Wo Road, Tai Po has been closed at noon today (24 July). At least 13 bids have been received, according to on-site information.
TikTok's parent ByteDance is now in talks to invest in Lido Learning, an Indian online educator, although it remains uncertain whether the discussions will fructify into a deal, The Economic Times of India reported.
The US government ordered China to shut down its consulate-general in Houston within 72 hours, i.e. by 5am on 25 July (Hong Kong Time). Cai Wei, Chinese Consul General of Houston, told Politico that the office is running normally on 23 July, claiming Beijing has voiced objection and will not close the consulate upon Washington's order. Cai furthered the Houston Consulate remains functioning until further notice, saying "we will see what will happen tomorrow".
At midday news wires released news that Chinese Foreign Ministry this morning informed Embassy of the United States, Beijing that China has decided to deprive U.S. Embassy in Chengdu of the license of establishment and operation. Concrete requests have been raised therefor. Beijing is unwilling to see the current standoff between the two countries, of which the blame is purely on Washington, said the ministry. Beijing once again called on Washington to withdraw her decision to shut down China's Houston Consulate, which will lay the requisite ground for a re-normalised tie for the two countries.
Ministry of Finance (MOF) of China released a notice regarding the issuance for the fourth tranche anti-epidemic treasury bonds for 2020. The total face value of the bonds amounted to RMB70 billion. The issuance will be way of competitive tender during 10:35-11:35 a.m. on 30 July.
Overnight HIBOR last posted at 0.04298%, logging a 1-month low, according to HKAB. Meanwhile, the 1-Month HIBOR related to mortgage rate last stood at 0.26589%.
Ant Group will on the international level foster ties with e-wallet providers in different territories by helping its local partners bring their products to different markets and stay in close touch with local authorities, said SEA Regional Director Steve Shen at DBS Asian Insights Conference 2020. In Chinese market, the fintech giant is sparing no efforts in nudging digital transition of medium, small and micro enterprises and taking forward the inclusion and sustainable development of financial services, added Shen, while local governments are nurturing these enterprises by distributing e-coupons via AliPay.
Ant Group requires that the lead bank of its Shanghai IPO must subscribe for at least 2% of its issued share, subject to a RMB1-billion cap, Bloomberg reported. Global banks like Morgan Stanley and UBS will possibly miss out the chance to join this Shanghai IPO due to their limited capital in Chinese market.

GOLDIN FIN HOLD (530.HK) announced the proposed disposal by Golden Sphere, a
n indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company and the holding company of Gold Flair, of the entire issued share capital of and shareholder’s loan owed by Gold Flair to the May Agreement Purchaser Top Family Group pursuant to the May Agreement. As the conditions precedent to completion of the May Agreement had not been fulfilled or waived, the parties entered into the termination agreement with mutual consent on 17 July. Gold Flair holds all the issued shares of the Property Company, the principal asset of which is a piece of land parcel situated at Kai Tak Area 4B Site 4. On 17 July, Gold Flair sold all the issued shares of the Property Company to the Purchaser Agile World, involving HK$2.5 billion.
SINO BIOPHARM (1177.HK) announced that Tse Ping, CEO an Exec director and a shareholder of the Company, intended to place 300 mn shares. The placing price of HK$10.5 per share represented a discount of 3.5% to the closing price yesterday. Tse expected to cash in HK$3.15 billion.
China noted that the US Department of Commerce had filed an investigation on the devaluation of RMB as one of the latter's countervailing cases, revealed a responsible person from the Trade Remedy and Investigation Bureau under Ministry of Commerce of the PRC. China strongly opposed the investigation of the US, accentuating the RMB rate is at a reasonably balanced level without being devalued.=
KUNLUN ENERGY (135.HK) noted that PipeChina also negotiated with PETROCHINA (857.HK), SINOPEC CORP (386.HK) and SINOPEC KANTONS (934.HK) on certain reorganization of pipeline assets, and recently reached formal agreements with these companies respectively. So far, the Company is still negotiating with PipeChina, and relevant details have not been finalized.
SINOPEC CORP (386.HK) announced that Sinopec Natural Gas, a subsidiary of the Company, proposed to transfer equity interests in the relevant oil and gas pipeline companies to China Oil & Gas Pipeline Network Corporation (PipeChina) for RMB119.435 billion. The aggregate percentage of capital contribution by the company and Sinopec Natural Gas is 14%. It is expected that the Transactions can lead to an increase in the profit before tax of the Group by approximately RMB36.594 billion.
The transaction is facilitating transformation of the company, and reducing future capital expenditures of the group. Together with Yuji pipeline assets sold by SINOPEC KANTONS (934.HK) earlier, a total of cash consideration of RMB52.655 billion was obtained.
PETROCHINA (857.HK) announced that it sold its pipeline business to China's National Pipeline Company (NPC) for RMB268.7 billion. Upon completion, the NPC will become an associate of PETROCHINA. The statement said the transaction aimed at long-term development of the company in future. After the pipeline restructuring, the company will make more efforts in the exploration of upstream oil and gas.
CK ASSET (1113.HK) announced the disposal of “Chengdu Le Parc” in Chengdu to a purchaser held as to 50% by YUZHOU GROUP (1628.HK) and 50% by Chengdu Ruizhuo. The estimated consideration is US$1.012 billion (roughly HK$7.847 billion). The estimated gain on the Disposal approximates HK$3.811 billion. Post disposal of a Chengdu project, stated that Senior Advisor Li Ka-shing and Chairman Victor Li remain bullish on Chinese and Hong Kong markets. Over the past decade, the group recorded an average income of roughly $28 billion per year from the disposal of Chinese property. It is capable of going on with accumulation of land bank in Hong Kong and Mainland for real estate development needs with its abundant capital position. As of end-19, cash balance approximated $60 billion.

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