Oct 4 HK -539pts China Closed, Asia weak.

04 Oct

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HSI -539pts (-2.2%) 24,036 HSCEI -205pts (-2.4%) 8,521 T/O HK$113.29bn (-1.6% DoD no connect flows)  

Opened weakly; laggards Banks &  Auto’s, Leaders were Healthcare.
investors watching OPEC+ meeting and Euro Group meeting
Eurogroup meeting
New car registrations
US Futures
Opened higher in Asia (Dow +100pts S&P +0.3% and NDX +0.35%) but now -VE Dow  -129pts, S&P and NDX -VE
Concerns over trade policy with China,  Debt ceiling, infrastructure spending, energy prices and inflation plus a jobs report this week all vying for attention. Today Factory Orders, Factory Orders Ex Trans, Logistics Managers Index.

Closed re-opens on Friday

For the first eight months of this year, the total volume of China's service import and export amounted to RMB3.27 trillion, up 9.4% YoY, according to data from Ministry of Commerce (MOC). Service export volume, in particular, stretched 25.3% to RMB1.55 trillion.
With the service export volume increasing by 27.1 ppts more than the service import volume, the service trade deficit has declined by 66.7% to RMB171.67 billion, down RMB515.62 billion YoY.

The total volume of China's service import and export in August amounted to RMB462.47 billion, up 24.8% YoY and 7.1% MoM, according to data from Ministry of Commerce  (MOC). 
In particular, the service export volume grew 40.2% YoY and 1.9% MoM to RMB212.84 billion.

Pre market opened @ 24,479 -96pts vs -178 pts ADR’s but trended lower with Evergrande suspended and China closed; Bberg reported that it would make an announcement. Hopson reported to be making a bid for Evergrade services (6666 HK) at a market not distressed valuation; that may reflect Govt pressure for firms to ‘assist’ Evergrande and ensure social stability. Signs of weakness in the CBBC warrents prompting downside pressure with brokers reporting more downside pressure should the index hit 23,500/24,000 level. Pharma weak on the Merck oral drug but Airlines & Travel +VE.
It is reported that the border with China will not be opened until next year as talks regarding health code app and needing to share vaccination records and travel history.
Lenovo +VE as China depositary receipts applications is approved.
Market in the PM traded around 24,000 through the PM to close -539pts (+2.2%) @ 24,036

HK reported 4 new covid case; all imported 
Now 48 days without a local case.

SHORT SELLING HSI Monday 23.7% vs 20.5% Thursday
Top shorts 
China Res Land (1109) 50%, Country Garden (2007) 49%, Shenzhou (2313) 48%, Bud Apac (1876) 48%,  AAC Tech (2018) 41%,  Sands China (1928) 39%, Wharf REIC (1997) 39%, Sunny Optical (2382) 39%,  Hengan (1044) 39%, HKEX (388) 35%, AIA (1299) 35%, Haidilao (6862) 34%, Mengniu Dairy (2319) 34%, Power Assets (6) 34%, BDY (1211) 34%, SHKP (16) 32%, Wuxi Bio (2269) 32%,  Petrochina (857) 32%,  HK & China Gas (3) 32%, CKH (1) 32%, Xiaomi (1810) 31%,  Ali Health (241) 29%, HSBC (5) 29%, Xinyi Glass (868) 29%, CM Bank (3968) 28%,  SinoBiopharm (1177) 26%, CLP(2) 26%, PingAn (2318) 26%, Techtronics (669) 25%, BoC HK (2388) 25%, CG Services (6098) 25%, CCB (939) 25%.

US to engage China in the coming days over their performance under the Phase 1 Trade Deal and also regarding a new process to exclude some items.

CHINA GAS HOLD (00384.HK) announced it had repurchased 2.9304 million shares 
of the company on  the Stock Exchange today (4th) at $21.05-23 per share, involving  approximately $63.1716 million.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) released a technical whitepaper on retail central bank digital currency (CBDC), titled “e-HKD: A technical perspective” to discuss potential technical design options for issuing and distributing retail CBDCs. This would help inform further consideration and deliberation on the technical design of the e-HKD.   The design of the proposed architecture was guided by three key principles, namely: safety, efficiency, and openness. The proposed architecture consists of two layers: a wholesale system and a retail system.

JINGRUI HLDGS (01862.HK) announced that the aggregated contracted sales for September was RMB1.805 billion, down 26.72% year-over-year.  The Group’s contracted gross floor area was 98,800 square meters, down 13.21%. The Group’s contracted average selling price was approximately RMB18,275 per square meter.

COUNTRY GARDEN (02007.HK) announced that for the single month of September 2021, the Company and its subsidiaries, together with its joint ventures and associates, achieved contracted sales attributable to the shareholders of the Company amounted to approximately RMB45.66 billion, down 29.4% yearly.

Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited announced that the results of the 2021Q3 review of the Hang Seng Family of Indexes will be announced on 19 November 2021 (Friday). The constituent changes will be made to the Hang Seng Family of Indexes with effect from 6 December 2021 (Monday), the company added.

The total number of agents with licences reached 41,518 in September 2021, setting a historical high according to the Estate Agents Authority's data as of end-September. The size burgeoned by 0.8% monthly, or 310 agents, rising for the 4th straight month.

MODERN LAND (01107.HK)  announced that for the nine months ended 30 September 2021, contracted sales of the Group amounted to approximately RMB33.544 billion, up 24.6% yearly.

Regional Markets

Market trended higher in early trades but saw resistance at 7,300 after about 40 mins and then trended lower with support 7,240 and then trading sideways with a slight uptick into the close. Banks +VE as CBA share buybacks sees good interest. Oil +VE but Iron Ore eased. News of Evergrande suspending trading around midday Australian time -VE for sentiment.  Pharma the laggard.
Tomorrow Balance of trade figures, a meeting of the RBA board, and the return of those traders who enjoyed a public holiday today. There is also an OPEC meeting overnight that could bring changes to oil production, so watch those prices.
Nikkei opened higher around 29,000 but trended lower finding support around 28,400.  PM the market trade around that level and closed -326pts (-1.1%) @ 28,445
Topix traded in a similar pattern opened at 2,006 and support at 1,970 ahead of the lunch break. PM traded sideways to close -12pts (-0.6%) 1,974
Shipping seeing profit taking along with growth names. Mitsubishi Motors +VE on good US sales
Leaders Transport (Air & Rail) Consumer Finance, Paper and Property
Laggards Shippers, Tech, Precision Instruments, Chemicals
S Korea 
Market closed
Taiex opened higher at 16,600 tested to 16,650 in early trades but then trended lower to 16,400 level before bouncing back to 16,520 but then trended lower again; to close -163pts (-1%) @ 16,408. Concerns about events in China in terms in power strikes and the suspension of Evergrande. Broad based selling, Tech, Shipping and Paper.
Airlines, Tourism and reopening +VE on the Merck’s new oral drug for covid.
T/O Monday US$10.75bn slightly higher than recently seen

HK/CHINA Connect Flows
Closed until Friday.

Active Heavyweights
MEITUAN (03690.HK)  -9.800 (-3.974%)    Short selling $719.53M; Ratio 20.194%    closed at $236.8, down 4%
PING AN (02318.HK) -2.000 (-3.756%) Short selling $536.93M; Ratio 25.697% closed at $51.25, down 3.8%
BABA (09988.HK) -5.200 (-3.657%) Short selling $1.01B; Ratio 17.320% closed at $137, down 3.7%
AIA (01299.HK) -1.750 (-1.946%) Short selling $807.30M; Ratio 34.735% closed at $88.2, down 1.9%
CCB (00939.HK) -0.100 (-1.792%) Short selling $227.15M; Ratio 24.554% closed at $5.48, down 1.8%
HKEX (00388.HK) -4.600 (-0.959%) Short selling $557.03M; Ratio 35.174% closed at $475.2, down 1%
TENCENT (00700.HK) -4.400 (-0.954%) Short selling $496.23M; Ratio 9.193% closed at $457, down 1%

HSI & HSCEI Constituents on Move:
WUXI BIO (02269.HK)  -10.900 (-8.617%)    Short selling $942.12M; Ratio 32.040%    closed at $115.6, down 8.6%
XINYI GLASS (00868.HK) -1.900 (-8.155%) Short selling $109.60M; Ratio 29.036% closed at $21.4, down 8.2%
ENN ENERGY (02688.HK) -9.800 (-7.632%) Short selling $88.68M; Ratio 19.161% closed at $118.6, down 7.6%
CHINA GAS HOLD (00384.HK) -1.750 (-7.609%) Short selling $83.14M; Ratio 17.658% closed at $21.25, down 7.6%
SINO BIOPHARM (01177.HK) -0.330 (-5.108%) Short selling $122.93M; Ratio 25.980% closed at $6.13, down 5.1%
SUNNY OPTICAL (02382.HK) -10.200 (-4.980%) Short selling $269.29M; Ratio 39.335% closed at $194.6, down 5%
HAIDILAO (06862.HK) -1.400 (-4.706%) Short selling $64.87M; Ratio 34.436% closed at $28.35, down 4.7%
ALI HEALTH (00241.HK) -0.520 (-4.643%) Short selling $99.83M; Ratio 29.430% closed at $10.68, down 4.6%
ANTA SPORTS (02020.HK) -6.600 (-4.496%) Short selling $129.06M; Ratio 17.332% closed at $140.2, down 4.5%
XINYI SOLAR (00968.HK) -0.660 (-4.135%) Short selling $62.57M; Ratio 13.348% closed at $15.3, down 4.1%
CM BANK (03968.HK) -2.450 (-3.948%) Short selling $237.91M; Ratio 27.023% closed at $59.6, down 3.9%
XIAOMI (01810.HK) -0.800 (-3.747%) Short selling $651.51M; Ratio 30.621% closed at $20.55, down 3.7%
NTES (09999.HK) -4.600 (-3.498%) Short selling $104.18M; Ratio 12.020% closed at $126.9, down 3.5%
MENGNIU DAIRY (02319.HK) -1.600 (-3.190%) Short selling $203.27M; Ratio 34.130% closed at $48.55, down 3.2%
WH GROUP (00288.HK) -0.170 (-3.063%) Short selling $17.94M; Ratio 9.815% closed at $5.38, down 3.1%
CHINA FEIHE (06186.HK) -0.400 (-3.044%) Short selling $22.37M; Ratio 22.230% closed at $12.74, down 3%
JD (09618.HK) -8.600 (-3.037%) Short selling $756.74M; Ratio 41.502% closed at $274.6, down 3%

HSMI & HSSI Constituents on Move:
KINTOR PHARMA-B (09939.HK) -13.350 (-25.550%) Short selling $145.03M; Ratio 34.989% closed at $38.9, down 25.6%
CANSINOBIO (06185.HK) -63.000 (-22.909%) Short selling $382.99M; Ratio 41.917% closed at $212, down 22.9%
JHBP-B (06998.HK) -2.760 (-19.301%) Short selling $3.14M; Ratio 14.251% closed at $11.54, down 19.3%
FOSUN PHARMA (02196.HK) -7.650 (-19.101%) Short selling $258.52M; Ratio 28.769% closed at $32.4, down 19.1%
TIANLI EDU (01773.HK) -0.320 (-18.713%) Short selling $2.57M; Ratio 6.345% closed at $1.39, down 18.7%
E-HOUSE ENT (02048.HK) +0.210 (+17.797%) Short selling $985.76K; Ratio 12.505% closed at $1.39, up 17.8%
INNOCARE (09969.HK) -3.550 (-16.865%) Short selling $13.31M; Ratio 16.101% closed at $17.5, down 16.9%
C.P. POKPHAND (00043.HK) +0.150 (+15.625%) Short selling $315.40K; Ratio 0.150% closed at $1.11, up 15.6%, hitting new high
FOSUN TOURISM (01992.HK) +1.080 (+10.693%) Short selling $860.04K; Ratio 6.749% closed at $11.18, up 10.7%
CGN POWER (01816.HK)  +0.070 (+2.954%)    Short selling $34.88M; Ratio 9.090%   closed at $2.44, up 3%, hitting new high

Market News

PING AN (02318.HK) is looking at selling the life insurance unit of Founder Group, marking the first disposal of business of Founder Group following the court-led restructuring, Bloomberg quoted people with the knowledge of the matter. The related segment is valued as much as US$1 billion.  PING AN is in talks with financial advisors for the potential disposal, whilst other insurers and investment funds initially express interest in the acquisition, report furthered. As the disposal purportedly remains in the preliminary stage, no final decision has been nailed on the deal.

Macau will begin the 3rd round of universal NAT from 9pm today (4 October) to 9pm on 7 October
, said Health Bureau Director Alvis Lo at the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre's news conference. The city strives to conclude the testing scheme in 48 hours.  The programme will start accepting bookings from 4pm today.

CNOOC (00883.HK) will review the resolution to list the shares of the Company on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange at the EGM to be held on 26 October in Hong Kong.  
Upon satisfying the cash dividend conditions, and on the basis that the Company can maintain its going concern and long-term development, the cumulative cash dividends to be distributed in the coming three years shall not be lower than 30% of the annual average distributable profits realised in these three years.

Centralcon Properties is expected to unveil within 24 hours the price list for its Fo Tan residential development,
The Arles, said Chief Executive Officer Chan Chi Hing Denny at a press conference.

Tencent Video issued a statement to inform its VIP members that the advanced on-demand broadcasting service on TV dramas will be cancelled starting from today. 
The platform will likewise cease to update the content for advanced on-demand broadcasting.

Bernard Chan, convener of the Executive Council, viewed that the Hong Kong government is in need of departmental restructuring, so as to align the goals of all departments to achieve more effective policy-making.  As for the "cross-border travel code" on which the government is currently working, Chan believes that a program equipped with tracking feature needs to be introduced if the travel between Hong Kong and China is to be resumed. Chan, however, expects that the "travel code" will only be required for people who are planning to travel to China.  

EVERG SERVICES is required to seek approval from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the case of selling controlling stake in the company, as its shares have only been listed for less than one year. EVERG SERVICES' proposed stake transfer has been approved by the Stock Exchange, the sources added.

Macau has just confirmed one Covid diagnose today (4th), representing the 72th case in the city, announced Macau Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center. Aged 46, the male patient is a renovation worker living in Doumen, Zhuhai who needs to travel back and forth between Macau and Zhuhai on a daily basis.
In light of the new case, Macau conformed with Zhuhai's anti-epidemic control mechanism to suspend execution of the new border measures effective today's noon.

Singapore's Trade and Industry Minister Gan Kim Yong said the country is looking to open new vaccinated travel lanes by year-end, 
with ongoing talks with Europe, the U.S. and other nations.

CLP HOLDINGS (00002.HK)  announced that a meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on Monday, 18 October. 
At this meeting, the Board will consider, inter alia, the declaration of the third interim dividend for 2021.

China's largest dairy product manufacturer YILI (600887.SH) is pondering a potential acquisition of the infant milk formula maker AUSNUTRIA (01717.HK), 
and has been consulting banks in relation to financing matters, reported Bloomberg News, citing sources. Whether or not there will be official price offer remains unclear.

To deliver her last Policy Address during the current term on Wednesday, Chief Executive Carrie Lam was expected to mention about the development of Northern New Territories.

Sing Tao Daily cited sources that the government intends to change its land use planning in the area as a whole, rather than as individual zones in the past.
After modification, the overall developable area may span across 8,100 hectares, likely to supply about 400,000-500,000 flats, the report said. The main development purpose is for building public housing.

TENCENT (00700.HK)'s Honor of Kings has garnered more than US$10 billion of player spending since its debut in 2015, according to Sensor Tower's report. The blockbuster title has amassed over US$2 billion in 2021.

I-CABLE COMM (01097.HK) announced that the trading in the shares of the company has been halted from this morning, pending the release of an announcement of inside information of the company potentially involving the Hong Kong Code on Takeovers and Mergers and pursuant to the Inside Information Provisions under Part XIVA of the Securities and  Futures  Ordinance and Rule 13.09(2)(a) of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

HOPSON DEV HOLD (00754.HK) is planning to acquire about 51% stake in EVERG SERVICES (06666.HK), potentially involving over $40 billion, reported Cailianshe, citing sources.

Macau has found a new sample suspected to have been tested positive for COVID-19. The city's health bureau is currently re-testing the sample, in order to determine whether it is a true positive case or a contaminated sample.   
In light of the suspected case, relevant officials from Zhuhai and Macau agreed that the new border reopening arrangement between the two places, which was set to be carried out from 12 pm today (4th), will be temporarily suspended, until the final testing result of the relevant case was released.

ASM PACIFIC (00522.HK) announced that the company and Mycronic Group (MYCR.US) signed a definitive agreement in which ASMPT will acquire Mycronic’s subsidiary Automation Engineering, Inc
. (‘AEi’) in an all-cash transaction. The transaction has been approved by the Board of Directors of each company, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals. The acquisition of AEi is consistent with ASMPT’s strategy of pursuing sustained, profitable growth via expansion into promising adjacent markets. The acquisition provides ASMPT a significant presence in the automotive camera assembly and test solutions space - an addressable market of approximately USD60 million in 2021.

PING AN (02318.HK) announced that the Company has repurchased 56.8783 million A-shares 
through Centralized Bidding Trading as of 30 September 2021, representing 0.31115% of the total share capital of the Company. The total amount paid was RMB2.867 billion.

Macau's Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau announced that the GGR for September amounted to MOP5.879 billion, 
up 166% YoY and 32.35% MoM, little shy of a 200% growth in market's estimate.

BABA-SW (09988.HK)'s Alipay announced the opening of online scenarios to China UnionPay's Cloud QuickPass, covering 85% Taobao merchants in the first wave.  
On the offline front, there will be mutual recognition of payment code scanning between Alipay and Cloud QuickPass across Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. The service will likely cover all Chinese cities in March next year.

Hong Kong's Secretary for Food and Health, Sophia Chan, expressed that, the Hong Kong government, China's National Health Commission and Guangdong Health Commission have held the first meeting in Shenzhen recently 
and have discussed matters such as epidemic measures and health code. Chan remarked that sustaining "zero infection" will continue to be the necessary criteria for border reboot in Hong Kong and that the government needs to increase the vaccination rate at the same time.
Chan added that the government will also strive for a second meeting with the Chinese officials to propel the potential travel resumption.

Lei Wai Nong, Macao's Secretary for Economy and Finance, expressed that, inbound visitor is an integral part of Macau's economy. However, despite the government's effort to maintain the city as a safe and suitable city for sight-seeing, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen unexpected development, Lei added.
As the latest development in the COVID-19 outbreak situation was rather unexpected, no prediction for the GGR during the Golden Week period would be provided, remarked the city's financial secretary.

CHINA SHENGMU (01432.HK)  announced that on 30 September, Inner Mongolia Shengmu, a subsidiary of the Company, entered into the Investment Agreement with CH MODERN D (01117.HK), backed by the Company's substantial shareholder MENGNIU DAIRY (02319.HK), 
and independent third parties Mudanjiang Wanding Dairy and Mudanjiang Inland Port, in relation to the proposed formation of the Joint Venture in connection with the construction of a feed processing base in the Mudanjiang Economic and Technology Development Zone Bonded Logistics Park of the PRC.

Pre Market News
HOPSON DEV HOLD (00754.HK) announced that the trading in the shares of the company will be halted from this morning, 
pending the release of announcements in relation to a major transaction of the company under which the company agreed to acquire the shares of a company (target company) listed on the Stock Exchange and the relevant possible mandatory offer to acquire the shares of the target company pursuant to the Hong Kong Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

HNA Group's Party Secretary, Gu Gang, expressed last Thursday (30 September) that the group has received a total of RMB2 trillion of claims since it has entered the bankruptcy procedures and has confirmed claims of RMB1.1 trillion, reported Securities Times.

As of 30 September, four restructuring meetings have been successfully conducted and the relevant works for the group's bankruptcy and reorganization are almost complete, pending the statutory ruling from the court, Gu added.

Trading in shares of EVERGRANDE (03333.HK) has been halted from this morning (4th), with the reasons pending to be announced.

Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Paul Chan, expressed that over 5 million citizens have received the second instalment of the electronic consumption vouchers. 
Chan wished that the vouchers could be conducive to both the people and companies, which will in turn propel sustainable economic recovery.  The consumption voucher scheme marks the Hong Kong government's first endeavor on launching an e-voucher to boost the economy and the government will review the results of the project when all citizens have collected their instalments and determine whether to extend the scheme according to the economic situation at the time, Chan added.

A batch of USD260 million bonds issued by Jumbo Fortune Enterprises and guaranteed by EVERGRANDE (03333.HK) has matured yesterday (3rd). 
As the due date for the bonds was a Sunday, the actual payment day has been moved to today (4th) and the companies are required to repay the debts within the following five working days, reported Reuters.  Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, Daniel Fan, expressed that, if the Chinese property developer fails to repay the relevant bonds, certain cross-default risk might be triggered for the group's other bonds. Relevant holders of the bonds could request the trustee to declare a formal default if the number of investors reaches a certain threshold, which could prompt other bond holders to take the same measure, Fan said.

BYD COMPANY (01211.HK) announced that its automobile production volume reached 78,800 units in September, up 84.6% YoY. 
The auto sales for September, on the other hand, grew 89.9% YoY to 80,100 units. Among them, NEV sales leaped 2.58x YoY to 71,100 units.

Hong Kong's Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, expressed that the exposure of Hong Kong banks to EVERGRANDE (03333.HK) is extremely small, accounting for merely 0.05% 
of the aggregate assets of the banks, which translates into approximately $14 billion, reported South China Morning Post.  Chan remarked that such minimal exposure illustrated that the EVERGRANDE crisis is unlikely to constitute any threat to Hong Kong's financial stability.

Suspected of severe violation of disciplines and laws, PETROCHINA (00857.HK)  (601857.SZ)'s former vice president Ling Xiao voluntarily surrendered 
and accepted discipline inspection and supervisory investigation, reported People's Daily.

For the first eight months of this year, the total volume of China's service import and export amounted to RMB3.27 trillion, up 9.4% YoY, according to data from Ministry of Commerce (MOC). Service export volume, in particular, stretched 25.3% to RMB1.55 trillion.
With the service export volume increasing by 27.1 ppts more than the service import volume, the service trade deficit has declined by 66.7% to RMB171.67 billion, down RMB515.62 billion YoY.

The total volume of China's service import and export in August amounted to RMB462.47 billion, up 24.8% YoY and 7.1% MoM, according to data from Ministry of Commerce  (MOC). 
In particular, the service export volume grew 40.2% YoY and 1.9% MoM to RMB212.84 billion.

China's first smart production line for nanometer mono-crystalline copper has been fired up in Pingyang, Wenzhou on 2 October, 
indicating that the country has realized domestic mass production for "nanometer mono-crystalline copper", which is a key material for chip manufacture, reported CCTV.

China is poised to begin pilot commercial application of 5G messaging in mid to late October 2021, according to earlier reports. The news was basically confirmed, indicating a high probability of such nationwide launch in late October, China Securities Journal citing sector players.  CHINA MOBILE (00941.HK) has achieved pilot commercial application of 5G messaging on customized devices of various brands, while China Unicom and CHINA TELECOM (00728.HK) are ready to do so.

Entering the peak season in October, the chip woe remains unresolved, according to the latest VIA released by China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA). Power restrictions in some regions in China and fickle epidemic took toll on the market. However, the automotive chip shortage peak has been over, deemed the Association, foreseeing the supply to pick up progressively.

The average new home price in 100 cities rose 0.14% monthly to RMB16,175/ sq.m. in September 2021, according to China Index Academy's data. The growth rate was 0.06 ppts below last month's.
Meanwhile, the average second-hand home price in 100 cities climbed 0.13% monthly to RMB16,032/ sq.m., down 0.21 ppts from last month's growth.

Hao Peng, Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), paid a visit to the State Grid earlier. China has to resolutely win the battle of guaranteeing power supply, while boosting the "Four Consciousnesses" with "Four-Sphere Confidence" and "Two Upholds", stressed Hao.  Meanwhile, Beijing shall go all out to protect people's livelihood and ensure electricity consumption by public services.

Weekend Hotel resort app reported the alleged monopoly practice "picking one from two" by TRIP.COM-S (09961.HK).   In a statement, TRIP.COM-S clarified that there is good communication and smooth cooperation between both companies. The online travel company resolutely supports the hotel industry's fair competition in opposition to "choice of two". Meanwhile, TRIP.COM-S cherishes all partners.

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